Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Confessional: 6.25.10

*Today I'm going to shamelessly plug SwagBucks. What is SwagBucks? It's basically a site where you get points {SwagBucks} for surfing the Internet. It's free. It's easy. I really only use it to "search" for Facebook or Gmail and get points for it every day. You can also do surveys now. I did one yesterday and received 150 Swagbucks. Then you use your Swagbucks to buy prizes. I got my first $5 Amazon gift card the other day for doing basically nothing. I've only been on for like 2 months, and haven't even used it daily. Plus, you can still use Google when you want. If you sign up, will you please use my referral link here? I'd truly appreciate it:) I officially have ZERO referrals so far. If you sign up today, use this code "SweetTweeting" for 20 bucks. When you sign up, you can put your own referral code out there for others to use. You will get points when they search. Fun!

*I have homework due for my summer class on Monday. I haven't even started it. I've procrastinated the entire week away. Now I'll spend part of my weekend doing it. No fun!

*I'll probably go to the pool tomorrow instead of doing homework.

*All I want to do today is go home and crochet. I have a pattern for mary jane slippers for women that I'm working on. They're amazing! {I'll post pics soon:)} Too bad I have to work.

*I'm anxiously counting down the days to Nursing school. I may feel differently once it starts. First day is August 16th! I may then become a crazy person who does nothing but study for 2 years. Hopefully not.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Hmmm Swag Bucks...I will definitely be checking that sounds fun.

    Congrats on going to nursing school.