Friday, May 28, 2010

I love cute gift wrapping!

Don't you just love cute gift wrapping? I sure do. I love giving it and I love receiving it. If it's wrapped up pretty, I basically don't even care what's in the package. j/k, but really, I do love it.

I had a baby shower to go to last weekend and wanted to wrap it up all cutesie, but I hate spending $4 on a gift bag that will just get thrown in the trash. So I came up with a cute idea that is too good not to share, IMO:)

Hobby Lobby usually has their photo boxes on sale for 2 for $5.00. I knew I loved that store for a reason! So I picked up a cute, girly photo box to wrap the gift in {since the mommy is having a baby girl}, added some tissue paper and the gift, tied with a cute ribbon, and voila! Quick, cute gift wrap! Plus, she can use the photo box for all of the photos she takes when the baby arrives. The box comes with cardboard dividers, which I just left in underneath the tissue paper.

burp cloths and onesie

baby gift

photo box

Happy Friday! And please have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Book Club

My friends and I just started a book club. We've been wanting to do this for awhile because we all love to read and also want to be in a book club with people we actually know. Plus, we wanted a reason to get together and eat junk food, of course. Our first book was chosen by my friend Margot. She decided on Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. It's basically about the Mount Everest disaster in 1996 where eight climbers were killed by a 'rogue storm' {as stated by wikipedia}. I'm almost halfway through and it's a pretty haunting book. Krakauer is a great writer. He makes you feel like you were actually there. Plus it's a pretty terrifying story. He was lucky to get out alive. It's also about how Everest has been commercialized so much and how these competing companies would take completely inexperienced clients up to the summit for the right price. I don't know if they still do this or not, but I guess I'll know when I'm finished? Anyway, it's a pretty interesting read so far if you like non-fiction at all.

Krakauer also wrote Into the Wild, which I've also read and was amazing. You should check it out. It's about this college student from a very well-to-do family who, out of nowhere, sells all of his possessions and decides to hitch hike to Alaska and out into the wilderness. He tells no one in his family where he is going and he ends up dying there. {This is all in the basic synopsis, so don't worry, I'm not ruining anything for you.} Crazy good book though. Also very haunting.

We don't have our next book picked out yet but we want to do it soon so we can all have time to purchase it or order it, whatever, so we can have plenty of time to finish before our second meeting. Does that sentence even make sense? Sorry if it doesn't. Anyway, we are all going to write down a book title of our choice and draw from a hat. So do you have any good ideas for me? Right now the two that come to mind are Water for Elephants and The Help, both of which I've not read. Has anyone ever read a really great book club-worthy book that you suggest? Or have you read either of these two books and recommend one over the other?

On another note, I finally finished another project last night! Aren't you proud of me? {I also have some hand cramping, but I forged through.} I've made this hat for my nephew in the child size, but this is the first adult size I've made. What do you think?

Stella wears it pretty well, I think. I'm thinking of adding a little yellow flower to the side. Thoughts? Opinions? Cheap shots?

What other colors should I make it in for the shop?


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday


I was going to share some photos today, but blogger is NOT cooperating. GRR! What is its problem? This definitely does NOT make me whimsical. But you know what does?

*My 2 year anniversary with Mr. Savvy Stitcher this past Monday. We went to dinner on Friday night, then went to see "Robinhood". {That one's definitely a rental only.} We also had Dairy Queen ice cream cake {I was going to share a photo, know...} which was delicious, as always. Then we took off work on Monday to relax and spend the day together.

*A fun weekend with friends at the Lowertown Art & Music Festival. {Also had pics available, but dice} It was super duper hot outside, so we basically spend the afternoon and evening on my friend's porch. Fun!

*Last night we went to another friend's birthday party to eat pizza and play volleyball. It was the perfect night for it, which was surprising after the insanely hot day we had yesterday. Mr. Savvy Stitcher was "not allowed" to play volleyball though. He's a very bad sport and yells at anyone not playing well enough if they're on his team, including but not limited to his sweet wifey. I never said he wasn't "allowed", it just wasn't "encouraged". haha! Still, we had a great time!

Perhaps I can share some photos tomorrow.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Tag-Along!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Confessional: 5.21.10

Today is Friday Confessional, hosted by Glamazon. This is my first Friday Confessional and if you like it, perhaps we'll do it again.

Today, I confess:

  • I only get uninterrupted reading time when I'm in the bathroom, so sometimes I stay in there longer than necessary {if you know what I mean} so I can have some extra quiet time or just so I can finish my chapter.
  • Sometimes I can look at down at my watch 5 times and still not know what time it is.
  • I hate "The Princess Bride". Every female friend of mine loves this movie. I don't get it. I think it's terrible. Making me watch this movie is pure torture.
  • I don't like wine. I feel like, as an adult, this is something I'm "supposed" to like. I always feel like a jerk when someone offers me wine and I don't accept. I'm not a prude, I just think it's not good.
  • I'm scared of the dark. Always have been, always will be. If I'm home alone at night, every light in the house will be on. I might even have a butcher knife nearby, just in case.
  • I hate diet drinks. Again, another thing I think adults are supposed to like.
  • I can't stand Lady Gaga. I know she's like the big "thing" right now, but I will never jump on that band wagon. I think she's a total freak show. Plus, she falls down during almost every show {so I've heard}. Maybe if she wouldn't wear the stripper shoes...
  • I despise housework of all kinds. I hate cooking, cleaning, laundry, all of it. I hope by the time we have a child that I will learn to like cooking, because my kid will NOT grow up on fastfood. Period.

That's all I've got for now. Thanks for stopping by!

Have a blessed weekend!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I Like Thursday

Two posts in one day? What?! Crazy, I know! But it's my blog and I'll do what I want to! :)

Today, I like:

Sun Hats


Apple Cozies

Market Bags

Water Bottle Cozies/Carriers

Don't you just love summer? Now if it would only get here...


Family Court

Thursday at the couthouse is Family Court day.

The family courtroom is right next door to my office, so all day, every Thursday, there are about 57 people lining the hall waiting for their case to be called. That means that every time I need to go to the bathroom or run an errand, I have to pass through the family court gauntlet to get where I need to go. This is incredibly awkward. Everyone always stares like you're some sideshow at the circus. I always wonder, do I stare at the floor and walk really fast as if I'm on some really important, top-secret mission? Do I make eye contact and smile? I never know how to behave. You really can't win either way. I wish I could photograph the scene for you, but I think someone would notice...

There are also other fun things about Family Court. There's always the scantily clad girl who thinks that her cleavage will convince the judge to side with her. {Did no one inform you that the judge is female? Apparently not.} Today, in particular, there's a girl in a sun dress. Not really appropriate court attire, not to mention it's 50 degrees out today and storming. I'm sure you're not freezing or anything. She's also wearing so much perfume that I can smell it before I round the corner back to my office. You should never be able to smell someone before you see them.

Then, about once a month, there's a cat fight in the hall between someone's baby's mama and their new girlfriend. Very classy. Perhaps that will be today. I love breaking up the monotany.

So how's your Thursday?


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award!

Guess what! I've just been honored with receiving the Versatile Blogger Award! I've never received a blog award before, so yay!

With this award comes a few duties. First, I must thank Jayaycee for honoring me. We have just recently "met" in the blogosphere and she has a great blog, so check it out!

Thanks, Jayaycee!

BWS tips button

Second, I must tell you 7 things about me. Here goes:

1. I am impatient. When I want something, I want it now. I do not like to wait. But really, who does? I love instant gratification, plus I'm a bit A.D.D. I think, which is why I can only commit to crafts/hobbies that have a quick turnaround. People always ask me why I don't quilt. It's because I want the finished product now. I do not have the follow-through for year-long projects. No way.

2. When it comes to my friends and my family, I am fiercely loyal. If you mess with them, you mess with me.

3. I've never been good at making friends. I always feel like I'm not interesting enough to really want to hang out with and I usually think people don't like me. However, over the past couple of years, I have been extremely blessed to make new friendships that I feel will last a lifetime. Atleast I hope they do. I am so thankful for these ladies and I would do anything for them. I will always try to be the friend to them that I desire for myself.

4. I am an animal activist. If I could, I would live on a farm surrounded by a thousand adopted cats and dogs. I would take in any homeless animal that needed me. I would own horses and goats, too. Any kind of farm animal you could think of, really. That would be heaven!

5. Mr. Savvy Stitcher and I only want one child. We hope for a boy, but would love a girl just the same! People always give us a hard time for saying we only want one. We feel that we can do more for one than we can for two or more. Plus, that's what we want. That's our business. Why should we have more than one just because everyone else thinks you're "supposed" to? That's crazy.

6. I am 25 and my parents divorced in January. I can't even begin to explain what this is like. I know there are other "adult children" of divorce, but there are really no books out there on the subject and how to deal. Isn't that crazy? It's like young children have the monopoly on divorce or something. If you know of anything good, let me know!

7. I can't eat cold cheese. When I say cold, I mean uncooked. I eat cheese on pizza and burgers, and I love cheesesticks. But you'll never catch me eating a hunk of cold cheese. Why do people like this? That's gross. The smell is enough to make me gag, really. Why is this such a popular party food? People are all like, "Oh! Cheese and crackers!" Disgusting. I won't even eat it on my deli sandwich. If it's not melted, just keep it. I could go on all day.

Third, I am to pass the Versatile Blogger Award on to 15 blogs I have recently discovered and I think are fantastic.

1. Working Mom

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3. The Oxford Family

4. A Little Tipsy

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8. Joy's Hope

9. Key Lime Blog Design

10. Newly Wife

11. Only the Curious

12. Teasingly Diverse

13. Lu Bird Baby

14. Style Crush

15. The Pleated Poppy

My fourth and final task is to contact these bloggers to let them know they're a Versatile Blogger! This might take awhile...


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

After much deliberation between the top two names, I have to go with {drumroll, please}:


Congratulations, MommaPebz! I will contact you today to get your headband preference.

I had to go with Stella because it references one of my all-time favorite Seinfeld scenes. It's a classic. I almost pee my pants everytime I see this! So funny.

Thanks to everyone who contributed! There were TONS of good names and it was definitely tough to choose.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Manic Monday

Okay, I know I said that I would announce the contest winner today, but there are so many good choices! I am definitely stuck between two names for two very different reasons. One, because I LOVE it, another because it references one of my favorite episodes from one of my very favorite t.v. shows. Tough choices!! So give me one more day and I'll announce tomorrow. I have to confer with Mr. Savvy Stitcher, too, because he always knows the right answer. He's always the tie breaker {unless I just completely disagree with him, then I choose, of course!}. So please forgive me for not deciding yet! Also, I woke up this morning with a severe migraine, so I couldn't very well blog, then I had court all afternoon, then my MIL's birthday dinner. Busy day! Yes, my migraine did finally go away and I was able to make it to work at noon. Thank you, Jesus! It was the worst migraine I've had in ages. I'll spare you the gory details.

Since I'm not announcing the winner today, I'll give you something fun to watch. If you were ever as obsessed with the Twilight series as I was, you will find this hysterical. If you were/are obsessed and don't find this hysterical, you may just take yourself too seriously because this is funny stuff. If you didn't read the books, you still might find it humorous. Who knows? Enjoy!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Contest Ends Sunday!

Don't forget to enter the Name My Mannequin Contest! You can enter here. Please go enter! Contest ends Sunday at midnight and I will announce the winner on Monday.

Also, do you like my new post title font? I think it's pretty cute! If you want it done on your blog, Kendra at Key Lime Blog Design can hook you up. She's super quick, too!


Friday Follow

I've never done this before, but I thought it would be fun because I love visiting new blogs.

Friday Follow

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Maybe we can all meet some awesome blogger buddies!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

You're On My List!

Since I'm PMS-ing and this is my blog, where I can share my thoughts and feelings {both good and bad}, I'm going to do so today, because I'm in a particularly annoyed mood. If you want an upbeat happy post today, this isn't it.

Today's List {You Know What List!}:

~People who come into my office and stare at me while I'm on the phone. Can you not see that I'm on a phone call? Didn't your mother teach you that it is rude to interrupt someone when they're on the phone? Plus, it makes me uncomfortable. But I'm sure whatever you need is way more important than my call, so carry on.

~People who can't complete an extremely simple, self-explanatory task without asking 101 questions. Seriously, I already explained everything you need to know and do. It's not brain surgery, I promise. If I didn't think you were up to the task, I would do it myself rather than trusting you to do it.

~Attorneys who ask me questions they should already know the answer to. You're the one with the law license, yet I seem to know more about legal practice than you do. This is highly unusual considering I haven't even attended law school, and I only know what I know from PAYING ATTENTION to what goes on in court. Maybe you should try it. And to think these people get paid to practice law.

~People who think their life's troubles are 10 times worse than anyone else who ever lived. Yea, they're not.

~People who use their Facebook status updates to send some passive aggressive point out into the ether, hoping that the person they're directing it to will read it and immediately know it's about them. That's just not likely. If you have something to say to them, just say it.

~Hitler. I didn't know him personally, but I don't like what he stood for. I think this is self-explanatory.

~Mean people.

Okay, that's all for now. Thank you for letting me vent today. I promise we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

Oh, and go enter the contest!