Wednesday, March 17, 2010

happy wednesday!

If you can't tell, I've gotten really into the crochet lately. Here's a headband I whipped up the other night (please excuse the hair):

*Free Pattern by

It was really simple, yet satisfying. I'm going to add this one to my shop. Or maybe I'll keep it for myself. What other colors would you like to see? I think this is great for spring! Can also be made in a smaller size for babies or kids.

I also made some keyfobs a couple of weeks ago for some friends which I've finally taken the time to upload, though the pics aren't the greatest.

I bought the materials for these before Christmas planning to make a bunch as presents, bI ut kept putting it off because I thought it was going to be a lot of work. Little did I know how easy they would turn out to be! The embroidery machine gave me a few fits, but I think I have it down now. So if you have a birthday coming up, just expect to get one of these from me.

Also, here's a cute bib for my adorable nephew, and of course, just another reason to show off cute pictures of him.

Hope you enjoy watching him grow because he's my favorite guinea pig. It also helps that his mom, my sister-in-law, always goes on and on about the stuff I make him and shows it off to all her friends. It's a good ego boost;)

So what other headband colors should I made?

And in other news, I have been accepted into nursing school! It's a 2 year RN program and I will start in the Fall. So don't feel too guilty if you want to help my college fund and shop here :)



  1. Love the headbands! I would do spring colors, hot pink, green, orange, purple, and basic colors too. :) What will you sell them for? I think those would look adorable in my Niece's hair.

  2. Thanks girl! Glad to hear from you! I will likely sell them for $10.

  3. You should email me.


  4. Such cute stuff! Love the headband! Thanks for the free link!