Monday, July 26, 2010


O.M.G. I have so much to get done this week. Just thinking about it all makes me want to FREAK OUT! But I won't. I will remain calm. Serenity now!!!! I am unable to disclose the details of all that I have to do but here are a few things:

  • family birthday dinner tonight

  • homework and two tests for online class due by Saturday

  • make 2 custom baby gifts

  • Mr. Savvy Stitcher's birthday tomorrow

  • birthday dinner at mom's house Wednesday night for Mr. Savvy Stitcher

  • another item of major importance that cannot be discussed at this time for various reasons, {will fill you in later!} but know that it's time-consuming

Ahh! Will I get everything accomplished? I sure hope so! Maybe I need a Valium. Or a stiff drink. Yea...that'll get me through!



  1. Busy Lady. Good luck getting it all done. And try not to go too overboard with the drinks or else you'll never get anything done!


  2. Love the picture! So cute and retro! And just one stiff drink. haha My coworker gave me some Limoncello. Oh my word it's delish! haha Have fun with the birthday stuff! And can't wait to hear about the big thing!