Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Take Time To...

I am always working on self-improvement. I don't use self-help books, I use the Bible. I get advice from friends. I talk to my mother. Most importantly, I pray. Today is one of those days where I'm trying to remember to be the bigger person. This is not always easy. I would definitely rather be petty and childish and just do back what is being done to me. But I won't. Today I will choose the higher road. Tomorrow, who knows? Hopefully I'll choose the same, but

I have to take it day by day.

Today I stumbled upon this tutorial at Kind Over Matter for a Take Time Jar. I think this is a great idea and plan to make one for myself.

I love little reminders like this. Issa Sarza, the creator of this tutorial, has included photos, as well as a free download for the words to put on the glass beads. Very cute! Thanks, Issa and Kind Over Matter!



  1. very cute idea. being the bigger person always seems more difficult, but always worth it in the end

  2. Thank you for featuring me today and allowing others to be blessed with the jar :) I, too, am always working on self development (my bf and I are "self-dev junkies" lol) which I know is one of my ultimate goals in life.

    Love and peace!

  3. that is SUCH a cute/great idea!