Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Only Wednesday?!

Is it really only Wednesday? I feel like it should be Friday already, and yet it also feels like Monday. Funny how that works.

I went yesterday and purchased my scrubs for clinicals and was pleasantly surprised with the price, which is a first when it comes to this nursing school business. Everything seems overpriced. I swear they have 40 dollared me to death. I'm also fairly certain that books for this semester alone will be close to $1,000. I now understand what my parents went through when I got my Bachelor's degree. I knew college was expensive, but I just didn't know HOW expensive. It's much more real when you pay for it yourself. Thanks, Mom and Dad! Have I mentioned how stressed I am about the student loan process, too? I'm convinced there's something I'm going to forget to do, then I'll get kicked out of school for not having filled out some pertinent paperwork. Then I'll die. Or I'll get to the bookstore and they won't be able to charge my books to my loan, then I'll have to start with no books, then I'll die. Do you see where this is going? All roads lead to death.

Have I also mentioned how psyched I am to be leaving my job? This place just gets crazier and crazier. Plus, I'm fairly certain my new boss doesn't like the way we do anything because we still do it the way the old boss wanted it done. Do you know how hard it is to completely change the way you do your job? It takes time and lots of retraining. It's not easy! Give us some slack, huh? Plus {don't tell him, but} I think the old way is better anyway. It seems like things just don't actually ever get done around here anymore. Maybe I'm just burnt out and jaded. Probably. But office morale is nearly at an all-time low since my tenure here began. It's not a healthy work environment, to say the least. But I digress...Back to nursing school!

Like I was saying, I got my scrubs for clinicals, along with my very own stethoscope and pen light. I feel like a true nursing student now! I'm pretty sure I could save lives with just these two accessories. I can't wait to get started!

I've also been working my little fingers to the bone by crocheting every free minute of the evening after work. I feel that I should be making better progress, but I am getting a bit quicker. I finally listed a custom listing for women's Mary Jane slippers in the shop, so if there's a certain color combo you want, let me know:) Otherwise, I'm still working on getting several pairs made up to put in the shop that will be ready to ship when they're ordered as many of you have requested {I'm so honored!}. This is a pair that was given away by Inner Hooker on her Facebook business page. The winner picked a great color combo--avacado and yellow.

I'm hoping I can crochet my way through nursing school since I'm quitting my job. *hint hint* So if you feel a hankering for some Mary Janes, I'll be glad to "hook" you up! Ok, I know....that was a terrible joke, but I couldn't resist;)


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  1. They turned out adorable! I am so excited for you to start school so I can live through you ;)