Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ahh, Wednesday

As per my usual M.O., I have taken on more this week than I really have time for. I have to finish working on my mom's birthday gift for Friday (shhh! It's a secret!), make a rag quilt and onesie for a baby shower, and embroider a blanket for a wedding gift. And, of course, this all must be done by the weekend. Today is already Wednesday and I have started on Mom's gift, began cutting out the quilt blocks for the rag quilt (not one stitch has been made), and haven't even purchased the blanket for my friend yet. Needless to say, I have a lot of work to do after I get off work at my "real" job. I will probably get very little sleep this week. The wedding blanket can really wait until later, I suppose. The wedding is this weekend, but I can always deliver the gift late. However, the rag quilt and onesie really need to be finished no later than Saturday. Oh! Did I mention that when cutting the quilt blocks on Monday night I nearly sliced my thumb off with my rotary cutter? Maybe that's a bit dramatic, but there was a lot of blood. I even had to wake up Mr. Savvy Stitcher to tell me if he thought I needed stitches or not. He said his arm would have to be hanging off before he'd go to the hospital, so he was really no help at all. Plus, I had woken him from a sound sleep, so I don't think all of his neurons were firing anyway. In the end, we decided I probably didn't need the stitches. Hope we were right.

Anyway, after I stopped the bleeding and cleaned the blood off the carpet (no blood got on the quilt blocks, thank goodness!), I called it a night. So, needless to say, very little progress has been made. Maybe I will make a little tutorial while creating the rag quilt and share it with you since I really haven't even gotten started on it yet. First piece of advice: Keep all appendages clear of the rotary blade.

This is the first rag quilt I made.

I'll keep you updated as the week progresses!

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  1. AH! For real!? This is adorable! I'm so impressed! I can't even sew on a button! You have major talent! You go girl!
    I wanted to drop by and say thanks for the comment on my Wonderfully Wordy blog. I love new visitors! Thanks for looking around!
    Shelley Smith