Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weekend Crafts & Graceland Part 2

During the 3-hour drive to Graceland this weekend, I decided I would work on an embroidery project that I had started a few weeks ago and never got around to finishing. I just love this little robot from a previous post and wanted to add him to a burp cloth. I decided to hand embroider him so I could do multiple colors.

I was really pleased with how he turned out and it really only took me about an hour or so total. I started on another burp cloth as well that I am hand embroidering. I'll post pics when it's finished! I think it will be really cute. If only I can find the time to sit down and work on it.

So, on to Graceland. After the tours, we decided to check out some of the gift shops, and lo and behold, but what did I find? The Elvis Craft Section!

There was an entire rounder dedicated to Elvis-Loving Crafters. How exciting for me! Too bad it was all way over-priced. Oh well. I had fun looking anyway.

First, there were 3 sides dedicated to Elvis fabric, which was super cool.

You can't make it out in this picture, but the sign says, "Just imagine what you can create." Oh, I'm imagining. On the other side was the really exciting part: Elvis Cross Stitch

This one was my favorite.

How cool is that?! Again, way over-priced, so I didn't get one. Maybe I can find it online. (Who knew Elvis was a crafter? I sure didn't.)

To make my weekend complete, I had lots of machine embroidery to get done on Sunday. For those of you who don't know, I have a side business that takes up much of my time when I'm not at my "real job." I do lots of machine embroidery for friends and family and anyone who gets my name and number from those friends and family. It's actually becoming quite a booming enterprise! Yay!

I have a friend who is getting married at the end of May, and she had me embroider some gifts for her wedding party. Of course, I failed to take pictures of any of it except these tumblers, which were made for her flower girls.

The tumblers were ordered from Sewphisticated Stitcher, which is a site where you can get lots of embroidery blanks. They have great prices, too.

I spent about 5 hours on Sunday afternoon embroidering, so it was a really long day. My friend was really pleased with her finished products though, so that brought a smile to my face :)

In addition, I have 8 pillow cases to embroider for one of my dad's employees, and 5 burp cloths to make and embroider for a friend. I actually got the burp cloths finished last night, though, so I have made some real progress. (I will post pics of them later this week.) Needless to say, my embroidery business is off to a good start!

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  1. Yay! How awesome!!! You do a great job!!