Friday, May 22, 2009

Unbirthday Swap

Last month I signed up on Miya's blog for an Unbirthday Swap. The deadline to send out the package is Monday, which is, of course, Memorial Day. So, have I sent my package out yet? Those of you who know me well know the answer to that: No. Will I be sending it out tomorrow? "All signs point to yes!" *thumbs pointing at the 8-ball on the back of my leather jacket* (If you don't LOVE Seinfeld, this probably goes over your head. You gotta love Putty.) Anyhoo...I will be sending the package out tomorrow and I hope my partner loves what I have for her! I can't wait to get mine and see what's in store. I know she did an awesome job and I will post pics when I get it! She sent it out on Saturday last week (she's a good partner!), so it should be here anytime. Yeee!!! I love surprises!!! I'll post pics of her package, too, after I'm certain she's received it.

This will be my first experience with a swap, so I really can't wait. I love getting fun packages in the mail that aren't bills or junk mail. Who doesn't? If they ever do away with snail mail like they threaten, I will be inconsolable.

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