Friday, May 15, 2009

Graceland, Here We Come!

So next weekend is mine and my husband's one year wedding anniversary. I can't believe how fast a year flies by! Well, we wanted to get out of town and do something fun, but also didn't want to go too far away. I decided we should definitely check out Graceland. I mean, we only live a little over 3 hours from Memphis and neither of us have ever been. How crazy is that!? Now, I'm not a huge Elvis fan or anything, obviously, or I would have been there already, but I definitely respect what the King of Rock 'n' Roll did for the music industry, so we need to pay our homage to the man.

We decided to go this weekend to miss the Memorial Day traffic next weekend. I'm excited! I will take lots of pics and tell you all about it next week. Oh--and we're going to do it up right and stay at Heartbreak Hotel, too. I'm not sure what to expect on that front, but it should be interesting. I may actually hate Elvis this time tomorrow, but we'll see.

People keep mentioning the Jungle Room at Graceland....I'm intrigued.

I also plan to do some hand embroidery on the ride down. I'll post pics!

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