Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idol Season 9: Top 9 Contestants (Again)

I've been religiously watching American Idol this season and can safely say there hasn't been much competing going on.

Last night was the Top 9 Contestants again, because last week the judges decided to save Big Mike. That means that 2 contestants will be voted off tonight, of which I am not a fan. Also, though I like Big Mike and don't think he should have been voted off so early, I don't think he has what it takes to win (obviously, or he wouldn't have been voted off) and I think they should have saved the "save" for someone more worthy. Oh well, I guess they didn't ask me.

Adam Lambert, from Season 8, was the mentor tonight. I really wondered about that choice, but after watching, I felt that he actually gave some really useful advice. He did, in fact, make it to the top 2 last year, so he knows what he's talking about, atleast as far as American Idol goes. He's become quite strange since American Idol ended last year, but I enjoyed seeing him again and look forward to his performance tonight on the elimination show.

OMG! I can't believe I haven't mentioned that last night was Elvis night! What am I thinking?! In case you missed this post, I've recently become quite an Elvis fan, so I was really excited to hear they would be singing Elvis songs, until I heard them, but more on that later.

Anyway, here's the recap:

1) Contestant: Crystal Bowersox
Song: Saved

Let me first say that Crystal is my favorite contestant this year. She never fails to bring a great performance. I wasn't familiar with this particular Elvis song, but she killed it. It was fantastic! Not as good as last week, in my opinion, but still fantastic. There's really not much more I can say about her. I'm fairly certain she'll win this year.

2) Contestant: Andrew Garcia
Song: Hound Dog

Wow. This was pure torture. Cue Elvis rolling over in his grave. He had like two good weeks and has consistently sucked for the past however many. Somehow, he's still riding the coat tails of his singular great performance, a reworking of Paula Abdul's Straight Up, which I'm pretty sure he only sang because for some reason he thought Paula was still on the show. Whatev. Please, put him out of my misery.

3) Contestant: Tim Urban
Song: I Can't Help Falling in Love

I can't stand this guy. Mr. Savvy Stitcher can't even watch him because he feels like he's always making eyes at him, which is so true and creepy. I was so bored with him, as I always am, that I decided I would take that time to clean out the dishwasher and listen from the kitchen instead. The song sounded fine, I guess, but you'd have to pay me to listen to it again. Ellen is always calling Tim adorable, but I strongly disagree. I think he's wildly annoying looking. I think he's trying--unsuccessfully, I might add--to channel Zac Efron. I truly think he's a few nuggets short of a Happy Meal. There's nothing going on up there.

4) Contestant: Lee Dewyze
Song: Little Less Conversation

As usual, Lee did a great job. Adam told him he needed to smile more, or something to that effect, which I agree with, sometimes. Depends on the song. Otherwise, I think he's really talented. Simon liked it, and we all know that's really the only thing that matters anyway, so it was a job well done.

5) Contestant: Aaron Kelly
Song: Blue Suede Shoes

Boooorrrring. This guy is so boring. Seriously, for like 6 weeks, everytime he came on stage, Mr. Savvy Stitcher and I were like, "Who is this?" I'm not even exaggerating. We literally never could remember him. Now we know him as the "forgettable guy". I know the teenagers have to be the only ones who like him. Plus, this week he said something to the effect of being nervous to sing this song because it mentions liquor. That's so lame.

6) Contestant: Siobhan Magnus
Song: Suspicious Minds

When they announced her song choice, I honestly thought it was a good choice. But like the last 3 weeks, she was again incredibly boring. I was really on her fan train for awhile and now I can't honestly remember why. Oh yea, because she's different and not afraid to be who she is. She also knew who she was. I think Hollywood has ruined her, as it often does. She now seems to be confused about what type of artist she is or wants to be, and she KEEPS picking these slow songs that are just snoozers. At one point, Simon told her she couldn't always end the song with her screaming high note. I sort of agreed with him, but now she's just completely lost all of her appeal. Now she's just trying to please the judges and it's not working. Simon said she lost her way 2 weeks ago, and I completely agree with him. Siobhan, please come back to us!! You were so great!

7) Contestant: Michael Lynche
Song: In the Ghetto

This is probably my least favorite Elvis song of all time. I don't get why it was so popular, but I thought Michael did a good job with it. That said, I won't be surprised when he's voted off again tonight. Again, I think the "save" was wasted. Just saying. Has Big Mike ever even been to the ghetto? Just curious.

8) Contestant: Katie Stevens
Song: Baby What Do You Want Me to Do?

One of my most favoritest Elvis songs and Katie did a great job with it. For once, I disagree with Simon, who hated it. I think Elvis would have loved her. I've read some Elvis books, so I know these things, trust me.

9) Contestant: Casey James
Song: Lawdy Miss Clawdy

I can't say I'm sure I've ever heard this song before, but Casey was great. I take back what I said to Mr. Savvy Stitcher a few weeks ago about Casey just being a pretty face. He had impressed me in the beginning, but then he went downhill. He's back with a vengeance now.

I think it will be Casey, Crystal, Lee & Siobhan in the top 4. I haven't narrowed it down any further than that yet. I see Andrew (I hope) and Big Mike going home tonight. We'll see!

I saw somewhere that Justin Gaston (I have no idea who that is) and Brooke White (former American Idol contestant) will be singing a duet of If I can dream tonight. I can't wait to hear it. Remember when Celine did the duet "with Elvis" on American Idol a few years ago? It was amazing, and that is another one of his best songs. If you missed out, here it is. Pretty cool:


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