Friday, April 16, 2010


I just ordered this design from Urban Threads. Maybe I'll actually find time this weekend to actually use it. Most likely not. Oh well.

I really need to spend my entire weekend studying for Monday's A&PII test, so there won't be much time for fun. I also have a photographer who wants me to get some crocheted hats to him for photo props. I'd obviously rather be crocheting than studying, of course. All work and no play makes Sara a dull girl.

What do you have planned for the weekend?



  1. Good luck studying. I'm so out of the loop but what are you studying for? BTW.....I REALLY want a crocheted head band....they are incredibly cute. You're craftiness amazes me. You are uber talented. How much are the headbands....I need to have Brittany bring one to me when they come to Liam's Bday party.

    also, thanks for following my blog. it makes me feel special:)

    Oh, I almost forgot to answer your question about this weekend. Our family plans are to head to an Earthy Day festival which has free can't beat free:)

  2. Thanks for the comment, Teri! I'm going to nursing school, remember? I think I told you. Anyway, I'm finishing up Anatomy & Physiology right now. Ugh. 2 more weeks and I'm done though.

    I'm selling the headbands for $10. Just let me know what color you want! I will do any color. Thanks!! When is Liam's party?

    Earth day festival? That sounds awesome! Oh, about your friend thing, my sister lives in Spring Hill and is precious. I really should introduce you two!

  3. Wow, sounds like a busy weekend! I spent my 2 days off at a fantasy convention selling my work.