Thursday, May 20, 2010

Family Court

Thursday at the couthouse is Family Court day.

The family courtroom is right next door to my office, so all day, every Thursday, there are about 57 people lining the hall waiting for their case to be called. That means that every time I need to go to the bathroom or run an errand, I have to pass through the family court gauntlet to get where I need to go. This is incredibly awkward. Everyone always stares like you're some sideshow at the circus. I always wonder, do I stare at the floor and walk really fast as if I'm on some really important, top-secret mission? Do I make eye contact and smile? I never know how to behave. You really can't win either way. I wish I could photograph the scene for you, but I think someone would notice...

There are also other fun things about Family Court. There's always the scantily clad girl who thinks that her cleavage will convince the judge to side with her. {Did no one inform you that the judge is female? Apparently not.} Today, in particular, there's a girl in a sun dress. Not really appropriate court attire, not to mention it's 50 degrees out today and storming. I'm sure you're not freezing or anything. She's also wearing so much perfume that I can smell it before I round the corner back to my office. You should never be able to smell someone before you see them.

Then, about once a month, there's a cat fight in the hall between someone's baby's mama and their new girlfriend. Very classy. Perhaps that will be today. I love breaking up the monotany.

So how's your Thursday?



  1. ha ha! so sad yet so funny! hope no one throws down at your desk ;)

  2. The baby mama and new girlfriend thing cracked me up. haha Hope it wasn't too bad yesterday! You should get a flip camera and secretly videotape as you walk down the hallway :) haha

  3. Sounds like you will have enough good material to write a book. What a circus! Maybe you should just stare them down ... give 'em your best "You look guilty" look!