Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Confessional: 5.21.10

Today is Friday Confessional, hosted by Glamazon. This is my first Friday Confessional and if you like it, perhaps we'll do it again.

Today, I confess:

  • I only get uninterrupted reading time when I'm in the bathroom, so sometimes I stay in there longer than necessary {if you know what I mean} so I can have some extra quiet time or just so I can finish my chapter.
  • Sometimes I can look at down at my watch 5 times and still not know what time it is.
  • I hate "The Princess Bride". Every female friend of mine loves this movie. I don't get it. I think it's terrible. Making me watch this movie is pure torture.
  • I don't like wine. I feel like, as an adult, this is something I'm "supposed" to like. I always feel like a jerk when someone offers me wine and I don't accept. I'm not a prude, I just think it's not good.
  • I'm scared of the dark. Always have been, always will be. If I'm home alone at night, every light in the house will be on. I might even have a butcher knife nearby, just in case.
  • I hate diet drinks. Again, another thing I think adults are supposed to like.
  • I can't stand Lady Gaga. I know she's like the big "thing" right now, but I will never jump on that band wagon. I think she's a total freak show. Plus, she falls down during almost every show {so I've heard}. Maybe if she wouldn't wear the stripper shoes...
  • I despise housework of all kinds. I hate cooking, cleaning, laundry, all of it. I hope by the time we have a child that I will learn to like cooking, because my kid will NOT grow up on fastfood. Period.

That's all I've got for now. Thanks for stopping by!

Have a blessed weekend!



  1. lol im there with you on the bathroom thing. just wait till you have kids! they'll think your constipated.

    i just started drinking wine about 3 years ago. it just okay to me.

    i actually shower in the dark at times, but i really dont like the house to be dark.

    thanks for stopping by. your page is great too

  2. My dad's favorite movie is The Princess Bride so I was forced to watch it a million times growing up. I always moaned and said I hated it. But now that I'm older, I think it's funny.

    Wine is an aquired taste. (Is that even how you spell that?) Start with a Reisling.

    I hate all housework besides cooking.

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    P.S. - Loved your confessionals - I agree with you on everything!! Too funny!

  4. Okay I totally agree with the bathroom thing. But for goodness sakes Princess Bride is a fantastic movie!!! Thanks for getting it for me for Christmas even though you hated it!! I'm scared of the dark too, but thats because at the age of 5 my father thought it was okay to let me watch Nightmare on Elm Street. I do have to disagree with the Lady GaGa thing. Love her!! I think its because her sound is like 80's music and you now how much your BIL and I love 80's!!!

  5. I love it! everything you said is so true! I followed you back from NFF, and now I'm your new follower!

  6. Sammy- lol! I'm pretty sure my husband is already under the impression that I'm constipated, but I don't care. haha!

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  9. I have to agree with you on the house work. hate it. hate. hate it.

  10. Sometimes hiding in the bathroom with a book is the only way to get any serious reading done! When my MIL and FIL retired, he wouldn't let her read in peace so she took to hiding in the bathroom - we sent her a doorknob hanger that said "Go Away, I'm Reading!" And what is it about Lady Gaga that everyone seems to like? I change the channel or walk away!!!

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  12. I’m following you now on Blog Hop Friday! Please follow me back on my blog “Inspire!”