Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last-Minute Mother's Day DIY's

With Mother's day still 3 days away, I assume there are some who haven't picked up a gift yet. I'm usually really pushing it for some reason. Not only do we have Mother's Day in May, but my mom and my MIL both have May birthdays. Somehow, I seem to forget this EVERY YEAR! My SIL {<---she has a new blog, so show her some love} does, too, but luckily we always collaborate. I'm lucky to have a partner where that is concerned, especially since our MIL is very hard to shop for. I'm also lucky that my SIL adores shopping for gifts as much as I do! Anyway, here are some cute DIY gift ideas for Mother's Day:

Beaded Scarf:

I love this. It's so hip and funky. I might need one for myself, really. All you need is a store-bought scarf, some dangle earrings, jewelry wire and embroidery floss. I'm sure you can substitute some of these items if you're really crafty! You can find the tutorial here. Seriously, anyone can do this.

Monogrammed Tea Towel:

If you're pretty handy with stencils, check out this tutorial from to make some monogrammed tea towels to match her kitchen.

Stamped Book Bindings:

If your mom loves to read like mine, this is a really cute idea, also from

Herb Garden Kit:

My mom loves to work in her garden, so I thought this was a really cute idea. I would probably get flower seeds instead of herbs though. There are a million things you can do with this. Perhaps add some gardening gloves and tools, or one of those pads you kneel on in the garden?

Thanks, Martha! I can always count on you!

Let me know if you have any cute Mother's Day gift ideas!


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