Friday, May 7, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday: May 7, 2010

1. I am finally finished with A&P II! Hooray! I think I'm finally crashing, too. I'm so tired I could hardly get out of bed this morning. But I have a wonderful weekend lined up!

2. There's a vagrant guy who wanders around the courthouse {where I work} all day every day. He's here before anyone every morning and they don't kick him out until about closing time. He has an obsession with pens. When I first started working there, he would follow the workers around randomly showing them his newest pen and he's very stingy about them. But one day, for some reason, he gives me a pen. Says, "Here, you like my new pen?" That's great, Robert! Where'd you get that? "Here, you can have it," he says. I have to say, I felt pretty special, because, like I said, he's pretty stingy with them. Then, about a month later, he gives me another pen. I try to get him to keep it, but he puts it in my purse {which is the size of a small child} before I can stop him. "Now you owe me a pen!" Oh, I see how this is going to work. So I give him a pen the next day, thinking we're even now. Oh how wrong I was. This goes on every time I see him now. He puts a pen in my purse, then tells me I owe him one. It's just his little game, it makes him happy, and it's not going to kill me to play along. But somedays, I just don't feel like it. Ugh. I hate that about myself, but he really drives me crazy some days. I know, it's terrible. I will pray for patience.

3. Target this weekend! Yessss!!!! I even have a very exciting $25 gift card from Let's see how far we can get it to go at the best shopping place EVER!

4. I have a new mannequin for modeling hats and headbands. I think I'll have a contest next week for naming her. Winner will get a crochet flower headband in their choice of colors. Yay! Come back next week to join in. Here she is showing off a simple headband:

Should I add these to the shop? Is it too simple for Etsy? Honest opinions PLEASE! :)

5. I have recently been craving Dairy Queen's ice cream cake. I foresee me and the hubs treating ourselves to one for our anniversary. He'll definitely be on board.

6. We are going to a different city this weekend than originally planned. Basically because they have a way better Target and more places to eat. This means I won't be going to Joann. We decided this on Tuesday. I got a Joann coupon on the mail on Thursday. Oh, sweet irony. {Brittany, don't worry! I still want to go to C-ville! Three words: Pizza. Borders. *That other place we discussed that I can't remember the name of.*}

7. Please pray for the flood victims in Nashville, TN. The damage is devastating. My sister lives outside of Nashville and we are so thankful that she wasn't directly affected. {or is it "effected"? I can never decide.} Others were not so lucky. If you want to donate, text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10. I hate to do PSA's but they really do need help if you can afford it. Either way, please keep them in your prayers! This could have happened to any of us.
On another note, Sunday is Compassion Sunday at our church. We have set a wonderful goal {we're not saying what that goal is yet} on number of children to be sponsored. Last year, 191 children were sponsored through Compassion International from our church. All of these signed up after Compassion Sunday. 191 of these are still sponsored today. For you who don't do math, that's 100%. Just joking. But really, isn't that amazing? And these are just the ones that we know about. We're pretty sure others already sponsor a child or picked one up later. Please pray that we hit our goal again this year. I will share it with you on Monday.

I adopted "my child" last night. Her name is Zuleyma. She is 8 years old and lives in Ecuador. She is beautiful. Please pray for her as well. I hope you come back to follow along with me on my journey of sponsorship. Me and the Mr. are a bit scared of this commitment since I will not have a job come August {due to going back to school} but I know God is asking me to do this. I'm positive of it. I'm also positive that he will make it work.

"Faith is not believing that God can, it's believing that He will."

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Mother's Day!



  1. 1. Yay for being done and yay for an awesome weekend planned!

    2. How sweet of you to play his little game. Maybe God is testing your patients with him. ;)

    3. There is a Target here in Owensboro, I don't understand the hype about it. LOL

    4. I love your new model and think she's so pretty. How many entries can we do each? I love the simple headband and I think it's just fine for Etsy for those who like simple but do not have the time or skill to make it. :)

    5. mmmmmmmmm......

    6. What city will you be visiting instead?

    7. We drove over to Indiana yesterday and couldn't believe the flooding from the Ohio River. Here in Owensboro it looked to be about 1-2 feet from coming over the top of the new barriers that they are building downtown. Zack and I have adopted two children through World Vision. They are both in Africa.

  2. i say post it on etsy and see what happens!